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Creation of the association

Music for Hope Rhône-Alpes was created in Mirmande in February 2006. The association has been affiliated to FIME since 2006.



President: Magdalena Lamus Teinturier

Vice-President: Marie-Noëlle Pappini


Magdalena and Alain Teinturier

Music for Hope Rhône-Alpes

Quartier Gier

26270 Mirmande



Phone number: (00 33) 4 75 63 04 25


Marie-Noëlle and Jean Pappini


Phone number: (00 33) 4 75 34 32 43


Contacts Music for Hope Colombia

Members in charge: Marcela Mantilla Arenas, Maria Teresa Lamus Mantilla, Myriam Jimenez Restrepo, Carmen Orozco Toro

Director: Maria Teresa Lamus Mantilla


Musical director: Marino Salgado Henao



Main achievements

Music for Hope Rhône-Alpes has run a program in Colombia, in Mundo Nuevo (Risaralda) and in the Cartago refuge (Valle) since August 2006. The association develops an educational and social project through art.

In Mundo Nuevo: a music workshop for children and a bakery workshop were created within the educational program set up by three Sisters of Bethlehem, in July 1979.


Musique Espérance Mundo Nuevo

In Cartago: in Sister Clarita Aucoin's refuge, Music for Hope Rhône-Alpes permitted the creation of a workshop based on soybean products. The association also brings material assistance for basic technical facilities and medical supplies.

In August 2006, Music for Hope Rhône-Alpes supplied the technical equipment necessary for the creation of the workshop and financed the training of two instructors for four months. To date, the association has supplied the raw material for the products to be made in the refuge. These soy products can feed 400 people twice a week.

At present, Music for Hope Rhône-Alpes wishes to develop a bakery project at Sister Clarita's refuge.

In Mundo Nuevo, in collaboration with the Sisters of Bethlehem, Music for Hope Rhône-Alpes is developing a musical program in the public school. The Sisters have created a children's choir which is now part of the folk band. Several children benefited from the Cultural Institute's "Community Harmony Program", and were introduced to music by German Posada.

In this school, a music workshop has been created for the village's children but also for several adults in the community.

Musique Espérance Mundo Nuevo

Music for Hope Rhône-Alpes supplied traditional string instruments ("bandolas", "tiples", guitars) and wind instruments (clarinets, traverse flutes, saxophones, tubas, trumpets) which permitted the creation of a brass band with Mundo Nuevo's children and a folk band. The "talleristas" educators generously bring their skills to facilitate workshop activities.

Music workshops include a band, a group of string instruments, a choir and a folk dancing group. At present, 170 children can enjoy this unique opportunity.

The Cultural Institute in Pereira also supplied instruments and collaborates in the children's instrumental training. Hilda Lamus and Jonathan Howes launched a dance workshop, in a tribute to Alejandro Parraga Lamus, "Ali, Silverman".

In 2009, the French Embassy offered seventeen stringed instruments (violins, violas, cellos, double bass) for the program development. An agreement was signed with the Colombia-France Alliance of Pereira, which awarded ten scholarships for the children. In return the children's music group gave concerts at the Alliances françaises ("French Alliances") of the region.

The bakery workshop in Mundo Nuevo provided training for thirty-five mothers.


Video on Mundo Nuevo (4'11)


How to help the association Music for Hope Rhône-Alpes?

- Concerts or events for the benefit of the association.

- Donations to support the projects and workshops, sent to the association's head office.

Music for Hope Rhône-Alpes

(non-profit association)

Quartier Gier

26270 Mirmande



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