Music for Hope International Federation



You can volunteer and help Music for Hope by:

- becoming a member of an association affiliated to FIME;

- taking part in / participating in the creation of affiliated associations;

- taking part in musical / artistic workshops:

- organizing or playing in concerts to support FIME;

- playing for an institution of social solidarity;

- looking for sponsors;

- translating FIME documents (from Spanish into French / English and from French into Spanish / English);

- promoting FIME on social networks.



FIME needs financial support to work and implement its programs. You can:

- make a donation;

- become a benefactor;

- become a sponsor.

As a company or a foundation, you can bring financial or material support to the Music for Hope International Federation.

Donations to FIME are tax deductible. You will receive / we will send you an official donation receipt which will allow you to subtract the value of your donations from your taxable income.



You can also offer miles via Air France "Flying Blue" program;


Would you like to help FIME? Are you interested in our actions/initiatives?

Do not hesitate and contact us !