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Vinará is situated in the province of Santiago del Espero, in the north of Argentina. This province includes 27 counties, Vinará being situated in Rio Hondo county.


Creation of the association

Music for Hope Vinará has been created by Miguel Ángel Estrella. It operates in a large building previously owned by the Estrella family and it is 17 kms away from the Thermal baths of Rio Hondo.



President: Claudio Alderete



Main achievements

Several workshops have been set up:

- folk dances for children and teenagers;

- guitar and percussion workshops;

- plastic art workshops;

- sewing workshops leading to an official diploma;

- training in basic electricity leading to an official diploma;

- literacy courses and primary school program for teenagers and adults, leading to a diploma approved by the Ministry of Education of the Province. 25 adults attend these courses.


Musique Espérance Vinara

In January 2010, 36 literacy certificates were awarded to prisoners trained by their own peers in Santiago del Estero Penitentiary n°1. The four trainers were also awarded an official certificate. 220 people altogether take part in these activities.


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