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Tucumán is the smallest province of Argentina. It is situated in the Argentine Far North. It includes seventeen counties and its capital is San Miguel of Tucumán.



President: Jorge Huidobro



Main achievements

At San Miguel of Tucumán, there are around six music workshops set up in the Juan XXIII emergency district known as "The Bombilla":

- guitar workshops;

- singing workshops;

- percussion workshops;

- ensemble workshops.

130 children take part in these activities.


Musique Espérance Tucumán


In 2007, the project for the creation of an orchestra presented by Music for Hope TucumÁn was approved by the Educational Inclusion Program set up by the Argentine Republic. It permitted to create a workshop to train young people to restore musical instruments and help them to enter the workforce.

Since 2009, the young people's orchestra of the district Juan XXIII has developed musical training and rehearsals in two schools of the district, twice a week. The orchestra has based the music pedagogy on a multicultural conception with deep roots in Latin America's folk culture.

The association also regularly works with other NGOs, institutions and a network of organizations on common education, training and integration problems.


Musique Espérance Tucumán


Tafí del Valle ("Tafí Valley") is world-famous for its archaeological and cultural wealth.

The Music for Hope "Sound Valleys" workshop operates all year at Miguel Tours Agritechnical School. Its objective is to offer a space where music, used as a means of cultural expression, favors the archaeology of knowledge.

Classes are devoted to teaching instruments such as the guitar, the violin, the quena, the recorder, the charango, the bombo or the Peruvian drawer. 140 children and teenagers take part in these workshops.


News: Music for Hope National Meeting in July in San Miguel de Tucumán.


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