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The province of Córdoba is located in the center of Argentina. It is the second largest city in Argentina, with over 1 300 000 inhabitants.


Creation of the association

The Music for Hope Córdoba association was created in 1995 and was affiliated to FIME the same year.



President: Liliana Lesgart



Main achievements


Musique Espérance Córdoba


1. Creation of workshops in various districts in the city of Córdoba:

- "shopping" district (1997-2000): guitar, theater and musical initiation workshops;

- "1° of May Extension" district (1997-1999): keyboard workshop for children and teenagers;

- Mirizzi district: folk dance, keyboard, guitar, musical initiation, malabares, art and choir workshops.


2. Kaleidoscope project: games, songs, words and colors.

Objective: to develop a diploma for workers in canteens and day nurseries supported by the Cáritas institution in marginal districts of Córdoba.

Development and distribution of "The Kaleidoscope Box", a set of equipments (games and arts) intended for children under 5. This "Kaleidoscope Box" was handed out in various institutions working in early childhood care in the city, but also in numerous villages in Argentina.

Publication and distribution were financed by the Childhood and Development Program, supported by Accor and Michel Torche Foundations.


Musique Espérance Córdoba8


3. Workshop with the Health Team of the UPAS 15 Health Team workshop (UPAS 15) - Healthy Child: from growth to development.

For a whole year, Music for Hope developed workshops for children under 4 and adults supervising them. The objective was to promote the development of expressive, cognitive and social abilities through music, stories, drawing, painting, puppets and body expression.


4. Workshops with four-day nurseries in the south zone of the capital of Córdoba.


5. Interdisciplinary work - Early education: a necessary way for a more deserving life.

For this project, two social work students joined the team of musician organizers (120 children take part in this project).


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