Music for Hope International Federation




Responsible for the program:

Sisters of Bethléem Marcela Mantilla Arenas, Maria Teresa Lamus Mantilla, Myriam Jiménez Restrepo, Carmen Orozco Toro



Maria Teresa Lamus Mantilla



Workshop professors:

Marino Salgado Henao, Musical director


Mauricio Salazar, Harold Marín, Diana Perez

Educational Institution of Mundo Nuevo


Persons in charge of the association Music for Hope Rhône-Alpes (France):

Magdalena and Alain Teinturier


Jean and Marie-Noëlle Pappini




Cultural Institute of Pereira and City hall of Pereira

Colombo-french alliance of Pereira

Hilda Lamus, Jonathan Howes in homage to Alejandro Pàrraga Lamus « Ali-Silverman »


Activities in Colombia

In Mundo Nuevo (a village near Pereira):

The Mundo Nuevo project was launched in July 1979, with the arrival of three Sisters of Bethlehem in charge of the small public school which is today the Mundo Nuevo Educational Institution attended by 300 children.

Since August 2006, the French association Music for Hope Rhône-Alpes in collaboration with the Sisters of Bethlehem has developed an educational and social program through art: "Alma Sol-Musique Espérance".

The Sisters had previously created a children's choir conducted by Sister Marcela and Marino Salgado, which is now part of the folk band. Some children benefited from the "community brass band" program by the Institute of Culture, with German Posada, a teacher, who had first trained them. Orff instruments and five wind instruments were then given.


Musique Espérance Mundo Nuevo


In this school, a music workshop has been created for the village children, as well as for several adults of the community.;

Music for Hope Rhône-Alpes supplies a help to the "talleristas" educators, giving to their generosity and their skills the means to make the workshops live, which include a brass band, a string ensemble, a choir and a folk dance group. At present, 170 children benefit from these workshops.

The Cultural Institute of Pereira also supplied instruments and collaborates with the program by allowing the brass band musicians from Pereira to give weekly instrument classes to Mundo Nuevo children.

Hilda Lamus and Jonathan Howes created the dance workshop in a tribute to Alejandro Parraga Lamus "Ali, Silverman".

In 2009, the French Embassy offered seventeen stringed instruments (violins, violas, cellos, double bass) to further the program.


Musique Espérance Mundo Nuevo


Since 2010 the Colombo-French Alliance of Pereira, in connection with the Mundo Nuevo project, has granted ten scholarships for children. In return, the children's music groups have given concerts in the Alliances françaises (French Alliances) of the region.

Social project in Mundo Nuevo: in January 2008, a bakery workshop was created to train thirty-five single mothers.

In Cartago (Valle), in August, 2006, a soya-product workshop was created in sister Clarita Aucoin's refuge. Music for Hope Rhône-Alpes supplied the equipment necessary to operate the workshop (grinder, whisk, industrial mixer, oven, fridge, hotplates, pans, cheese clothes, buckets, small cooking equipment, one-hundred-liter containers to store raw materials, etc.) and paid for the two instructors' fees twice a week for four months.

To date, the association has supplied the raw material needed for the manufacturing of soy products. The persons trained in the refuge now produce food (milk, cheese, pancakes, soy "steacks", soy bread, etc.) for 400 people twice a week.

In Cartago, drugs were supplied, mainly for people suffering from Parkinson's disease.


Vidéo sur Mundo Nuevo (4'11)



The record of these activities is rather satisfactory and encouraging considering the low resources, with three projects successfully completed.

In the refuge: the low cost of soybean with its well-established nutritional qualities has allowed the creation of the Cartago workshop. It can supply 400 meals twice a week. It is a small improvement for the inhabitants of the refuge but the sanitary and nutritional needs, as well as the lack of facilities, are still great.

The work done by the musical workshops for Mundo Nuevo children is remarkable, thanks to the Sisters', educators' and children's dedication and passion.

The brass band won the second prize in the Apía county competition, and the choir the first prize in the Risaralda competition.

The children's music group has given didactic concerts in rural zones, public schools, orphanages and refuges. In 2010, the children also played in the theater at the French High School in Bogotá, as well as in the Pereira Alliance française ("French Alliance"), in the presence of Jean-Michel Marlaud, Ambassador of France.

The Ritornello Choir and Tuna Sanpedrina also gave concerts such as the "Big Christmas Concert ", with the Mundo Nuevo music group at the Pereira Theater.

Miguel Ángel Estrella offered two concerts in Bogotá and Pereira, in 2009, to support the workshops. The Mundo Nuevo children's brass band played in the first part of Miguel Ángel Estrella's concert at the Pereira Theater.

In 2009, the French Embassy symbolically chose Mundo Nuevo's school to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the International Convention on Children's Rights, and offered stringed instruments for the music workshop and beds for the Cartago refuge.

In November 2011, Mundo Nuevo's brass band represented Risaralda County at the National Brass Band Competition in Anapoima. From an educational point of view, the music workshop acts like a real "magnet" for many children, helping them to become more involved in their school studies. Members of the association have seen some violent and aggressive children totally alter their behavior thanks to music. All children feel united and proud of being able to convey their culture at its best.


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