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The Buenos Aires province is one of the 23 provinces in the Republic of Argentina. It is considered the country's main province (307 571 km², 13 370 969 inhabitants).


Creation of the association

Music for Hope Buenos Aires was created on September 16th, 1988 (Personería Jurídican°00756 - C.U.I.T. n°30-68348665-1). Affiliated to FIME in 1988.



Honorary president: Miguel Ángel Estrella

President: Elsa Esther Córdoba

Secretary: Ricardo Ruben Bernelli

Treasurer: Jorge Burgos

Phone number: + 54 011-15-4-975-9116


Website of Music for Hope Argentina (in spanish)


Main achievements

The work of Music for Hope Buenos Aires has been made possible thanks to partnerships with universities, clinics, schools, collaboration with other humanitarian movements, public and private organizations, support by well-known "personalities" from the world of the arts and culture and the generous support of all the people who share the same ideal: "Music dedicated to Human rights, Peace and Solidarity ".

Both in the city of Buenos Aires and in the Province of Buenos Aires, the association works in the following sectors: music, education, health and sport.

Activities are the following:

- guitar, percussion, wind instrument and folk dance workshops;

- game and song workshops at Special Education School n°27 for children with neurological problems;

- workshops with games, art and activities for children;

- bringing support to primary and secondary schools in emergency cities;

- guitar workshops in prison institutes;

- literacy workshops for adults in prison institutes, through an agreement between the Music for Hope Foundation and the Ministry of Education;

- translation and braille transcription workshop in Ituzaingó Prison Unit n°39 in the Buenos Aires province.


Musique Espérance Buenos Aires

Over the last three years, Music for Hope Buenos Aires has signed various agreements:

- an agreement with the University of Buenos Aires, through the University Hospital, enabled the foundation to meet emergency needs by starting a new health center in Villa 31's House of Solidarity;

- an agreement with the National University of La Plata and the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo for the creation of a folk music diploma dedicated to teaching folk music in vulnerable neighborhoods. 80 students have been in training since June 2011. The Ministry of Social Development finances these courses, which are given in the Space for Memory and for the Promotion and Defense of Human rights;

- an agreement with the State Secretariat for Sports in the Ministry of Social Development, to make sports practice more accessible, especially to children and young people from vulnerable areas;

- an agreement with the Ministry of Education, within a National Literacy Program;

- an agreement with the Ministry of Employment, within a Community Employment Program;

- several agreements signed with various social organizations and NGOs to set up other activities, mainly in Villa 31's House of Solidarity, in the city of Buenos Aires.


Video on the Villa 31, in Buenos Aires (7'23)


Musique Espérance Buenos Aires


How to help the association Music for Hope Buenos Aires?

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Phone number: + 54 011 15 4 975 9116


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