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Creation of the association

In 1983, 1984 and 1985, within the framework of the Music for Hope movement, a program for Poland was launched in Bergerac, with guest-musicians from the Frédéric Chopin High school of Cracow, and several concerts.

Music for Hope Bergerac was created in 1987 and was affiliated to FIME in the same year.



President: Francine Carrard


Association Musique Espérance Bergerac-Périgord

1, rue Marty

24100 Bergerac


Phone numbers: +33 (0) 5 53 03 56 88



Main achievements

From 1987 to 1996: International Festival of Young Musicians (a yearly event for 10 years, with daily concerts for 3 weeks).

In conjunction with the festival:

In 1989: creation of the first "Music for Hope International Selection". This selection gathered 54 young musicians coming from France, Italy, United States, Poland and Japan.

In 1990: organization of a "Discovery-of-the-fortepiano Week", with a Cuban pianist (concerts in prisons, high schools, "problem neighborhoods" and cultural centers).

In 1993: FIME in Périgord general assembly, ended by a concert.

In 1994: The Voice of the Speechless Musical Embassy was invited for two concerts.

In April 1996: an exceptional concert with Bach's concertos for two, three and four keyboards, followed by the musicians meeting people living in deprived areas.

In July 1996: in partnership with UNESCO, a one-month "summer school" with about forty young musicians mainly coming from regions affected by Tchernobyl's nuclear disaster.

From 1997 to 2007: piano, violin and singing workshops (nine altogether) in the town's "problem neighborhoods".

In conjunction with the workshops, within the framework of the Music and Peace program:

In 1999 and 2000: participation in the X and XI Ischia Rassegna Nazionale Musicale and in Catania.

In 2002: a concert by the Orchestra for Peace in Luxembourg was organized in collaboration with CARITAS Luxembourg.

In 2003: a two-week summer training course (piano, violin and singing), with concerts closing the two weeks by the teachers.

In 2008: piano workshop in a home for children under judicial protection.

At present: preparation of a project dedicated to people suffering from loneliness in rural areas.


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