Music for Hope International Federation



Creation of the association

Actions in Belgium started in 1986 and 1987 with community groups in Brabant Wallon, in the Verviers region, and in Hainaut.

They gave birth to the non-profit organization Music for Hope in French-speaking Belgium on September 27th, 1987 (the articles of the association were published in the Moniteur Belge n°18519 of 12/24/87 and 5737 of 04/05/90).

Music for Hope in French-speaking Belgium has two chapters: Brussels-Brabant Wallon and Mons-Hainaut.

They have been affiliated to the Music for Hope International Federation (FIME) since 1987.



President: Georges Octors

Secretary: Waldia Alegria-Justet*

Treasurer: André Cabay

Head office:

11, Square des Nations

1000 Bruxelles

*Address of the secretary's office:

Rue Joseph Cuylits 16/10

1180 Bruxelles


Phone number: + 32 (0) 2/673 67 37


Phone numbers:

National secratary's office: + 32 (0) 2/673 67 37

Bruxelles-Bt. Wallon:+ 32 (0) 2/673 67 37

Mons / Hainaut: + 32 (0) 2/396 29 40


Main achievements

Music for Hope in French-speaking Belgium takes part in the coordination of FIME's international actions.

Their activities in Belgium are varied:

1) Workshops in hospitals and mental homes:

The objective is to bring a human touch to patients through music and to fight the feeling of loneliness caused by a long period in hospital.

Several hospitals and mental homes have benefited from these workshops and regular concert-and-conversation events (in Hainaut and in the Brussels-Capital region) since the creation of the association.

2) Musical and oral expression workshops:

The activities practised in these workshops fulfil educational, sociocultural and artistic objectives. Visit the ENVOL's website

The main objectives of these workshops are improving spoken and written French, self-fulfillment and socialization of children, and improving parent-school relationships.

These workshops operate in two schools in an underprivileged Brussels district.

3) Workshops for children and teenagers in shelters:

Musical activities help children who are weakened by tragic situations or by deep family conflicts to be psychologically rehabilitated. This workshop operates in Le Gai Logis Home in Ecaussines (Hainaut).

4) Workshops for the disabled:

The workshops are set up in several institutions in Hainaut. Their objectives are to establish peaceful communication with the outside world and to improve these people's autonomy.

5) National Children Organization (Organisation Nationale de l'Enfance, ONE):

Musical awakening activities in pediatric consultations for children up to 6 (Houdeng-Aimeries and Bois-du-Luc, in Hainaut). These activities, led in the parents' presence, also aim at making them aware of the importance of music in their child's upbringing.


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