Music for Hope International Federation



Creation of the association

The association was created in Catalonia in December 2008.



President: Silvia Fernandez

C/Cantabria n°3-1°-2a

08020 Barcelona



Blog of the association (in catalan)


Main achievements

At present

For the first two years, the association mainly based its work on initiation to musical instruments. The first instruments were the flute, the violin, the clarinet, percussions and musical language. There was also some initiation to playing the keyboard at the Concepción Arenal School, in the Besós district of Barcelona. In the first year, music therapy was used for children. Today, there is also an introduction to cello and trumpet playing.

The workshops' participants are:

Estrella Vallejo: flute

Laura Massot: flute

Elisabeth Rives: recorder

Maria Sabaté: clarinet

Marc Bosch: trompet

Sarah Bels: violin

Coordination with workshop's participants, school and parents: Andrea Cubero

Legal and administrative coordination: Marc Bosch and Beatriz Cuevas



Some auditions were made by friendly teachers to motivate the children during the presentation of our association in schools. Music for Hope Barcelona participated in the opening ceremony of the Cardiology International Congress which took place in Barcelona on August 29, 2009. The objective was to raise funds to buy instruments.

In an official presentation of Music for Hope Barcelona in February 2012, the great Argentine pianist Cristina Filoso played at the Academy of Badalona, with the teachers. The concert was a great success.

In September 2011, a workshop was created in Sant Crist de Badalona's district, connected with two schools. Using the school facilities, Music for Hope Barcelona set up flute, violin and choral singing workshops for children and their parents (generally immigrant mothers who consider this activity as a means of integration). An instrument-making workshop with recycled materials was also created for the youngest children. Approximately forty students and ten volunteers regularly take part in these activities.

Music for Hope Barcelona has also set up a partnership with the children of the Formosa Orchestra of young people and children (Argentina) within the framework of the Chamber Music International Course, which takes place every year.



Music for Hope Barcelona wishes to strengthen its links with other workshops. The association also works on preparing a lecture on The Voice of the Speechless to be given in various places.



How to help the association Music for Hope Barcelona?

Music for Hope Barcelona wishes to develop its activities and is looking for new volunteers.

The association is also looking for instrumental teachers wishing to participate in its activities in Patagonia (Argentina). These activities are run by maestro Mariano Mosso, with the collaboration of the University of Southern Patagonia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina.

Join us!


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