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PIANO AU PALAIS | Friday, September 8, 2017 at 8:00 pm

Piano Palais 2017

Piano Palais 2017

Concert Danses virtuoses du monde (11 March 2017)


Creation of the association

Association created in September 1998. Affiliated to the Music for Hope International Federation since 1998.



President: Bettina Puech


Musique Espérance Albi-Tarn

32, avenue François Verdier

81000 Albi


Phone number: +33 (0) 5 63 38 42 87



Main achievements

Since 1998, Music for Hope Albi-Tarn's activities have developed along three main lines:

- favoring encounters of musicians from various backgrounds and respecting all kinds of musical expression;

- promoting young musicians;

- setting up teaching sessions by musicians for young audiences through concerts (in community centers, theaters, churches), and activities in schools and musical workshops.

Since 2011, the association's action has more particularly concentrated on the following themes:

- music and solidarity, by organizing "solidarity musical encounters";

- music and promotion of young musicians, with the Piano at the Palace encounter, in September ;

- music and Peace, by organizing Quartet for Peace concerts.







Musique Espérance Albi-Tarn Concert 2012

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 Within the framework of the Education to Peace program set up by Music for Hope International Federation (FIME), the association welcomed the Quartet for Peace on February 10, 2012. A concert took place at Albi's Rascol High School in front of an audience of one hundred schoolchildren and high school students. A varied musical initiation program was presented by the Quartet (classical, jazz, tango, oriental music), followed by the musicians meeting the audience to discuss: "Music and its solidarity role: communication between people".

Musique Espérance Albi-Tarn - Quatuor pour la Paix

On February 10, 2012, a solidarity concert presented by Miguel Ángel Estrella gathered a numerous audience at Albi's Theater. This was a magnificent recital of Chopin and Liszt, filled with emotion and generosity, which helped to support a humanitarian mission in Santiago del Estero Province, in Argentina.

This humanitarian mission organized by Sylvia Itrisso, a Spanish teacher, in collaboration with the Argentine foundation Huerta Niño, gathered 23 students from Albi's Rascol High School. They participated in the creation of a kitchen garden in a primary school, in Añatuya, to fight children's malnutrition.

Miguel Ángel Estrella en concert à Albi

On September 7, 2012: the second edition of Piano at the Palace will take place. In Berbie Palace's remarkable architectural frame, Music for Hope Albi-Tarn (approved in 2011 as an ambassador for the Episcopal City of Albi) will propose, in partnership with the Toulouse Lautrec Museum, a Night of the Piano.

Musique Espérance Albi-Tarn

On the first edition of September 9, 2011, which was placed under the bright and friendly presence of Zhu Xiao Mei, the guests were two young pianists: Juliette Granier and Cédric Pescia. This year, in a tribute to Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, a combination of painting, architecture and music will be brought to a wide audience, thanks to the generosity of two greatly talented young pianists invited for this second edition: Sébastian Tortosa and Jean-Frédéric Neuburger.

Musique Espérance Bergerac concert de Che Tango !

Che Tango ! Concert


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