Music for Hope International Federation


FIME includes 20 affiliate associations in Latin America and Europe.

In Argentina, Colombia, France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland, the Music for Hope associations develop artistic, cultural and educational activities:

- organizing permanent musical workshops;

- creating children's and teenagers' orchestras;

- organizing concerts or tours for young professional musicians;

- organizing solidarity musical encounters in child welfare institutions, schools, hospitals, geriatric houses;

- bringing literacy programs and artistic activities to prisons;

- organizing solidarity concerts.


1. ME Albi-Tarn

2. ME Barcelona

3. ME in French-speaking Belgium

4. ME Bergerac-Périgord

5. ME Fribourg

6. ME Paris

7. ME Portugal (Porto)

8. ME Région of Lyon (MERL)

9. ME Rhône-Alpes

10. ME Saint-Dié

11. ME Pays de l'Omois (MEPO)


1. ME Buenos Aires

2. ME Comodoro Rivadavia

3. ME Córdoba

4. ME Río Colorado

5. ME San Juan

6. ME Río Gallegos

7. ME Vinará

8. ME Tucumán


1. ME Colombia